Aimee & Cody Frederick
Blockhouse Coffee & Kitchen  


Natives of South Louisiana, Aimee & Cody met in 2005 while working for a popular restaurant concept in Baton Rouge. Given the opportunity to grow the brand by opening their own location, the couple moved to Fort Bend in 2007. They married in 2009 and started a family a year later. Together, with their combined 25 years in the restaurant industry and deep network of skilled colleagues, they decided to create something new.

When they aren’t dreaming up new business endeavors, Aimee & Cody stay busy with their own varied interests. Aimee enjoys yoga, lifting weights and cooking for her family, and Cody enjoys studying business, design, psychology and philosophy and putting into practice what he learns. They both enjoy exploring new places, road tripping with their two children, and drinking lots, and lots, of coffee.

Brian & Marianne Alfaro
Blockhouse Coffee & Kitchen


Born and raised in Houston, Brian began working for Cody & Aimee in 2007 at the young age of 18. Working his way up the ranks of their company, it was clear he had a gift for business and leadership. While maintaining a full-time management role, Brian obtained a BS in Business Administration from the University of Houston in 2012. Marianne, a long time Sugar Land resident, met Brian while working together in 2011. Currently seeking a degree in Business Administration, Marianne shares a passion for leading people and operational excellence. Brian and Marianne’s similar talents and interests are one of the many reasons they decided to marry in 2016. Their combined 18 years restaurant experience and key role as Partners will undoubtedly make Blockhouse Coffee & Kitchen a destination for everyone.

Brian & Marianne enjoy living simply, surrounded by loving family, friends, food, and of course coffee. In her spare time, Marianne enjoys baking, cooking, reading and learning new things. Brian enjoys reading about business, leadership and finance, staying fit, and traveling to as many new places with Marianne as he can.