Success is not to be recognized as trendsetters or considered another trendy coffeehouse. My vision is to be a platform for local craftsmen and an advocate for real connection in my community.
— Aimee Frederick, Co-Founder - Blockhouse Coffee & Kitchen

Welcome to Blockhouse Coffee & Kitchen

We are business owners, restaurant industry veterans and friends, who have gathered around a shared love for great coffee and a craving for meaningful relationships. We have high standards for excellence and a strong ambition to create spaces we want to be.

We are more than a coffee shop. We are a cafe for community. We seek out goods from the best producers, artisans and artists in the area and feature their products on our menu, store shelves and display their work on our walls. We use our space to host special events, inviting local craftsmen to participate as vendors so they may share their craft directly with you. We are intentionally family friendly and communal, nudging neighbors to sit together (rather than alone), which leads to eye contact, conversation and meaningful connection.

We believe spending our time building community is what we should be doing. So, we’re doing it. In our collective 20+ years as residents, we’ve discovered our county is brimming with talented people doing interesting things. Blockhouse Coffee & Kitchen was born out of a desire to bring these people together and create something valuable, right here in our backyard.

As a platform for local craftsmen and an advocate for connection in our community, Blockhouse is a place that celebrates our home and makes us proud to call it our own.